Pick A Restaurant In Union SC Out Of These Top Establishments

How acquainted are you with the restaurants in Union SC? While there are only 27 restaurants in the city, there are some good ones. You are going to like the ones that I cover. Did you see other featured restaurants? Get ready to see what else I have in store for you if you are looking for a restaurant in Union SC.

Shady’s Food and Spirits is located at 719 North Duncan Bypass, and it is known for burgers, wings and ice cold brews. It is a popular establishment for sure, and of course you can expect more than just the food that was mentioned. You can also expect hand cut fries for starters. There are cocktails waiting for you, too. Yes, Shady’s Food & Spirits is a bar, but it is a bar and grill, which means good food. It is also #4 on the list of top ranked restaurants in Union.

The next place is Naruto, which is located at 708 South Duncan Bypass, not too far from Shady’s. Naruto is said to be a gem of a restaurant, and it is known for its sushi. Are you ready for some Hibachi and Teriyaki, along with a California roll and cream cheese? All of that sounds delicious, and I’m not usually even a fan of sushi. Try Naruto, and evidently the Naruto Dinner is a favorite menu choice, too.

Andy’s of Buffalo is the next featured restaurant, and it is located at 830 Main Street. If you are craving chicken livers, this is your place. Of course, you don’t have to like fried chicken livers to eat there. You will find all kinds of other great menu items as well. I mentioned the chicken livers because there was a rave review about them, and I was thinking about my great aunt. She is a huge fan of chicken livers. I don’t like them, but I’m sure that Andy’s of Buffalo would have something else I like.

A & L Barbecue is a good spot to get some delicious barbecue, so we will make that the next spot. It is located at 202 Union Boulevard, and I think that barbecue still sounds so delicious, despite being a vegetarian. That might be the best restaurant out of the whole group, but there were certainly three other good ones. Have a blast eating some good food at all the top restaurants in Union SC.